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All Asian Creation Conference Okinawa Committee: Pastors of Okinawa,

All Asian Creationist Association,

Genesis Japan.

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Japan: Creation Research Japan, Noah's Ark Memorial Project, Love Creation.

Korea: Korea Association for Creation Research. VIroCure Inc.

USA: Answers in Genesis

India: Creation Science Association of India

Australia: Creation Ministries International

Phillipines: Living Waters Asia







Genesis Japan is an organization providing seminar speakers and publications based on literal creation account in the Bible. 


​Genesis Japan is a Creationism organization in Japan. We take biblical creation account literally, and give presentation at various place.




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​Genesis Japan / ジェネシスジャパン

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All Asian Creation Conference 2018 Okinawa/Japan

全アジア創造カンファレンス 日本大会


About AACC



AACCとは、全アジア創造カンファレンス(All Asian Creation Conference)の略称で、聖書にある天地創造を信じる科学者や教会教職者による科学や聖書に関する講演・発表等がなされます。



このカンファレンスは、全アジア創造論者協会(All Asian Creationist Association)とアジア圏を中心とした各国の創造団体や科学者・教職者の協力により、数年に一度開催されます。






AACC stands for All Asian Creation Conference. Speakers of this conference are scientists and pastors mainly from Asian countries, and all of them believe literal creation account as in the Bible. 

​1st. AACC was held at Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia in 2011, 2nd. AACC was held at Seoul/Korea in 2016, Satellite AACC was held Kathmandu/Nepal in 2017, and now, we are preparing for 3rd. AACC in Okinawa/Japan in 2018. 

This Conference are cooperated by All Asian Creationist Association, scientists, Christian scholars , and pastors mainly living in Asian Countries.








↑ 1st. AACC @Malaysia in 2011 

←↓ 2nd. AACC @ Korea in 2016

↓↓ Satellite AACC @Nepal in 2017


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