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All Asian Creation Conference Okinawa Committee: Pastors of Okinawa,

All Asian Creationist Association,

Genesis Japan.

* Cooperator:

Japan: Creation Research Japan, Noah's Ark Memorial Project, Love Creation.

Korea: Korea Association for Creation Research. VIroCure Inc.

USA: Answers in Genesis

India: Creation Science Association of India

Australia: Creation Ministries International

Phillipines: Living Waters Asia







Genesis Japan is an organization providing seminar speakers and publications based on literal creation account in the Bible. 


​Genesis Japan is a Creationism organization in Japan. We take biblical creation account literally, and give presentation at various place.




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​Genesis Japan / ジェネシスジャパン

T: 029-292-9621

F: 03-6862-8340

E: aacc@genesisjapan.com





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AACC Japan

​Day 2 Group photo

AACC Japan

​Day 3 Group photo

AACC Japan​ Speakers

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