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All Asian Creation Conference Okinawa Committee: Pastors of Okinawa,

All Asian Creationist Association,

Genesis Japan.

* Cooperator:

Japan: Creation Research Japan, Noah's Ark Memorial Project, Love Creation.

Korea: Korea Association for Creation Research. VIroCure Inc.

USA: Answers in Genesis

India: Creation Science Association of India

Australia: Creation Ministries International

Phillipines: Living Waters Asia







Genesis Japan is an organization providing seminar speakers and publications based on literal creation account in the Bible. 


​Genesis Japan is a Creationism organization in Japan. We take biblical creation account literally, and give presentation at various place.




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​Genesis Japan / ジェネシスジャパン

T: 029-292-9621

F: 03-6862-8340

E: aacc@genesisjapan.com





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   1泊 ¥6,156  (税込・朝食付き)GoogleMap







【Recommended Hotel】

Toyoko Inn Okinawa Naha Omoromachi Ekimae

【Hotel Charge】

¥6,156/night, or around $60.oo /night (w/ breakfast)  


  This hotel is located 2 minutes walk from  Omoromachi Station of Yuirail, a monorail in Okinawa. This station is convenient location from Naha International Airport and to Naha Baptist Church by Yuirail.

 To get to Naha Baptist Church, take Yuirail, go to Shuri station, terminal station, then we will provide transportation from there to the Church. If you prefer to walk, it takes about 25 minutes from Shuri station to Naha Baptist Church.


【Stay at Church: For Free of Charge】

If you prefer to stay at Church in Okinawa, 

Some Churches offer place to stay for free of charge.

You can sleep on the Church floor like a guest house.

Number of person who can stay in Churches are limited.

If you are interested in, contact us soon.

You need to buy your own food. 

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